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    Ace Utilities 5.1.0

    lord of the rings

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    Ace Utilities 5.1.0

    مُساهمة من طرف lord of the rings في الإثنين يونيو 08, 2009 1:46 am

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    5.1.0 July 2009
    “ +Erase History tool is now more secure & efficient.
    +Improved support for IE8.
    +Improved Cookie Manager.
    +Added option to automatically exclude favorite cookies in IE/FF3
    +Complete rewrite of Duplicate finder tool.
    +Duplicate Finder tool’s scan dialog now correctly indicates folders selected and excluded.
    +Duplicate Finder tool now supports (unlimited) filetype profiles for easier selection of files to scan.
    +Added same modified time criterion for duplicate finder.
    +Tool windows can now be minimized while scanning.
    +Removed the progess dialog shown during junk, reg, dup and shortcut scanning.
    +GUI modifications in History cleaner, duplicate finder, cookie manager, etc..
    +Modified the behaviour of Uninstall Manager. It now auto-detects registry changes during uninstall.
    +Updated ignore-lists
    +Option to switch to old style background image.
    +Integrated Registry compactor.
    *Modified some registry setting location keys. THIS WILL RESET SOME SAVED SETTINGS TO DEFAULT like protected cookie list. Please set these again using the options dialog.
    !Fixed some high-dpi issues in Ace.
    !Fixed an issue in shortcut manager related to secondary user accounts
    +Updated Registry cleaner’s scanning
    !Fixed an issue with Opera10

    Added support for mapped network drives in Duplicate finder, Disk Analysis

    Ace Utilities 5.1.0 Build 462 Beta | Win App | 6.4 MB |


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